Welcome to my studio. I'm located here on the California Coast in a quiet fog town called Pacific Grove. This is where I make art that I enjoy making, even if I don't always know why that's the case.  If you want to know what my process looks like, it usually involves three stages.

The first is I keep my eyes open to the possibilities, omens, or signals from the ether. They usual appear as potential leads, curiosities or cool stuff I think are fun. I filter them through my own preferences, goals, and emotions until I have come upon an outcome I hope to realize. A vision!

The second stage is much more reasonable. I organize my days and cater to my art so that I can spend as much time in my studio while honoring my duties to my day job, to my health, to my friends, family and other pursuits. I plan ahead so as to outmaneuver distractions and become as efficient as possible to spend quality time with my paints and make my idea come to life. I say no to a lot of outside sources and say yes to my art. I make it happen! 

The third stage is all about sharing my craft. I photograph my work, share work in progresses, document the arc of a painting through time-lapses and videos, and I discuss my thoughts and feelings regarding being an emerging artist. I tend to post this content on my Instagram, or on my youtube channel. I also do outreach to connect with other artists, photographers, writers, entrepreneurs, chefs, wood workers, architects, artisans--creatives who focus their attention and take their time seriously. This keeps me grounded and motivated. I also do some outreach and marketing online to spread the word and get feedback which encourages me to strive for improvement and grow my network.

I love what I do. 


Beau Bernier Frank

(24-year-old, French-American, self-taught surrealist painter)

Born in Southern California in 1993

Languages  spoken: English, French and Spanish

















Rivalta Cafe, Firenze, IT - "Emerging Artist Exhibit" - solo show - Mar 2013

Meykadeh Cafe, Firenze, IT - "Muses" solo show - May 2013

Monterey Museum of Art, Monterey, USA - "Miniatures" group show - Nov 2013

Monterey County Weekly Press Club, Seaside, USA - "New Wave" juried exhibition - 1st place/community favorite/honorable mention - Jun 2016

Cultura Carmel, USA - "Las Mezcalilleras" - Aug 2016

19 Karen Gallery, Mermaid Beach, AU - Aug 2016

Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, Carmel, USA - 2-person show, Jan 2017

Relish Magazine Launch Group Show (GROSS MAG), July 2017

7th Annual Supersonic Invitational, Spoke Art NYC, Jan 2018